Dawid Bunikowski, born in Poland (the Gdansk region), residing in Finland (North Karelia), has a Doctor of Law (received from Nicolaus Copernicus University in April 2009).


I am a philosopher of law (&state) and conduct cross-disciplinary research. I cooperate with the University of the Arctic where I am Leader of the Sub-group of Philosophy of Law. I intensively published in the field of axiology of law, moral and political philosophy, enforcement of morality by the law, legal interpretation, public law, criminal law, European law and its philosophical foundations, legal pluralism, law and morality, law and language, and indigenous rights in the Arctic, and theory of politics.

My research interests include legal theory, law and morality, law and religion, Roman law and the ius commune, legal pluralism, values in Europe, the EU’s legal and political system, philosophy, practical and normative ethics, social anthropology, political history, language of law, and the North. It remains open.

In addition, I am Distinguished Academic Associate of the Centre for Law and Religion at the University of Cardiff and Associate Member of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy at the Catholic University of America. I am also Fellow of the Institute for Natural Resources, Environment and Society (LYY; Finland) and Member of the VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies Network (Finland).

I was Postdoctoral Researcher in the University of Eastern Finland Law School in 2013-2015 and lectured there. I was also granted a scholarship of Poland’s Ministry of Science for outstanding young scholar in 2011-2014. I acted as Vice-Dean in Torun School of Banking in 2009-2011 where I worked as Assistant Professor in 2009-2015. I was a visiting scholar at many universities in Europe in 2005-2016 (Oxford, Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Navarre, Elche, Alicante, Zagreb, Minsk, Istanbul, etc.). I taught at many universities abroad and belong to many international societies like the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy.





Recent publications:

  1. Arguments from cultural ecology and legal pluralism for recognising indigenous customary law in the Arctic (chapter, with Patrick Dillon), [in:] Experiencing and Safeguarding the Sacred in the Arctic: Sacred Natural Sites, Cultural Landscapes and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, ed. by Leena Heinamäki, Thora Martina Herrmann, Springer 2017.
  2. The decentralization method as a tool to implement social initiatives of citizens in multinational states (with Kseniia Ivanova), BRICS Law Journal 2017, issue I, volume IV. http://www.bricslawjournal.com/jour/article/view/82/69
  3. The Origins of Open Texture in Language and Legal Philosophies in Oxford and Cambridge, Rechtstheorie, vol. 47 (2016) 2. Germany.
  4. What is jurisprudence? Is it still Justinian’s ‘science of things divine and human’? Is it still ‘the science of the just and the unjust’?, [in:] Historical and Philosophical Foundations of European Legal Culture, by D. Bunikowski, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2016. UK.
  5. What Is Philosophy of Law in the Arctic?, [in:] Philosophy of Law in the Arctic, ed. by D. Bunikowski, e-book published by the University of the Arctic, Rovaniemi-Oulu 2016. http://www.uarctic.org/media/1596449/tn-arctic-law-_-bunikowski-_-philosophy-of-law-in-the-arctic.pdf