Jaye Ellis is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law and School of Environment and Acting Director of the School of Environment, McGill University. She teaches public international law, international environmental law, and environmental epistemology and ethics. Current research projects focus on transnational law, constitutionalisation of international and transnational law, intersections between law and science, and rule of law in transnational and international spheres. She chairs the Coordinating Committee of the International Environmental Law Interest Group, European Society of International Law. Recent publications include “Liability for International Environmental Harm” in Oxford Bibliographies – International Law (October 2013); “Constitutionalisation of Nongovernmental Certification Programmes” (2013) 20(2) Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1035-1059 (Symposium: Transnational Societal Constitutionalism. Guest editors: Gunther Teubner and Anna Beckers); “Shades of Grey: Soft Law and the Validity of Public International Law”, (2012) 25 (2) Leiden Journal of International Law 313-34; and “General Principles and Comparative Law” European Journal of International Law (2011) 22(4) 949-971.