Lorenzo is Professor in Law and Philosophy. He holds the degrees of Maitrise from Paris 2 Assas, DEA from Paris 1 Sorbonne, Mjur from The University of Oxford and a PhD from EUI, Florence.  He is the co-director of Kjuris, King’s workshop of jurisprudence


Lorenzo’s special interests are in jurisprudence, human rights, law and religion and Shakespeare and the law. He is the author of Constitutional Dilemmas- Conflicts of Fundamental Legal Rights in Europe and the USA (OUP, 2007) and articles on European human rights law and theory. His second monograph is entitled A Secular Europe: Law and Religion in the European Constitutional Landscape, OUP 2012. This is a study of one of the most pressing legal social and political problems in Europe and includes issues such as the ECHR protection of religious freedom, EU policies against Islamic terrorism, EU enlargement to Turkey and a wider debate on European identity. Lorenzo’s present interests include the place and role of religion in the global sphere and the responses of international law; the future of law as separate from the nation state; Justice and mercy  in Shakespeare and Dante.